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Switch to photovoltaic energy and save since day one.


Single-family homes

Companies and industrial buildings

Communities of owners

Harness the power of the Sun.

Join the thousands of homeowners, neighborhood communities, companies and farms who have decided to take the step towards self-consumption with photovoltaic energy.

Solutions in all types of facilities.

We carry out any installation for our clients.

Air conditioning:

All kinds of air conditioning installations.


Custom electrical installations and projects.


All kinds of plumbing installations.

Invest in the energy of the future.

The savings for an average house supposed to have a photovoltaic solar energy installation can reach 70-85% of its annual electricity cost.

At Ecothermia we have our own engineering department and installers, to be able to offer you the best installation proposal of photovoltaic solar panels for your home.

Join the energy change


Self-consumption has increased by 85% compared to 2021.


75% savings in the price of energy from the large retailers.


37.7% has grown energy production compared to 2021.


39 GW is Spain's goal for the 2030 Agenda

A bright future

At Ecothermia we are able to cover all the needs in our customers' installations. Contact us now and check for yourself.